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Samsung Line Chart

Hello Jess,

Here is the Samsung line chart. I put a delay of 4 seconds for each tooltip text, so the user can read it before the line moving to the next point. Please tell me if that is too much or too little. Regarding the 9th Oct, you can see looking at the axis that the point is off, because it actually refers to the 7th of October. We can keep it this way, or we can simply duplicate the data from the 7th to the 9th (as it was a public holiday in Korea, does the close value remains the last one?).

As I don’t know the web page this chart will be in, I wrote a function that starts the animation only when the chart is in user’s view. You can see that here: I put a huge Lorem ipsum below, so you’ll have to scroll to reach the chart. Once you get there, the animation starts.

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Here is the chart:

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