Newsquest Bubble Chart

World's Biggest Recalls

Hello, Jess and Will,

This is the first draft of the chart.

In the y axis I’m using a linear scale. However, as there is a huge gap in the data from 1998 to 1982, I removed those years of the axis, to prevent a huge and unnecessary blank space in the chart.

Unlike InformationIsBueatiful example you linked, here the bubbles are proportional: the different sizes of the bubbles really tell the user the number of units or the cost of each bubble. However, as the maximum value is several orders of magnitude bigger than the minimum one, I set a minimum size for the bubbles (described in the top-right legend on the chart).

Click the buttons and the check boxes and hover over the bubbles.


PS: This page is not listed by Google or other service, I'm using a "noindex" meta.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers.