Performance of Formula 1 Teams

Percentage of the maximum possible number of points

The Formula One World Constructors' Championship, introduced in 1958, is awarded by the FIA to the most successful Formula One constructor over a season, as determined by a points system based on Grand Prix results. But in this chart the history of Formula One teams is shown differently: it doesn't show the number of points scored per season or the final position of each team, but what percentage of the maximum number of points a team was able to score.

All the teams are presented together, in what is called a "stacked area chart" (not very useful). Hover the stacked areas to select a team. Click on a team to see its performance. Vertical axis shows the percentage of the maximum number of points, horizontal axis shows the years. Hover the new isolated area to see the performance in a given year. Click the box next to "back to all teams" to, well, go back to all teams!

Team :

Aditional explanations:

  1. The maximum number of points is obtained if a team wins every race of the season, and after 1979 if a team gets a one-two win in every race (up to 1978, only the best placed car for each team was eligible to score points).
  2. As this chart shows how a team performed regarding the maximum number of points it could score and not regarding the total points distributed in that season, the sum of all teams in a season (the stacked areas) will be more than 100% of the maximum number of points.
  3. All the data was collected on Wikipedia. To avoid a big number of small teams, I arbitrarily cut off all teams that never achieved 10% of the maximum number of points in a season (sorry, Arrows fans). All the races in a season were considered, differently from FIA system to award Formula One World Constructors' Championship.
  4. Except for Ferrari, all other teams' graphs begin or end at the base (that is, zero points). This doesn't necessarily mean that that team was competing and scored zero points.