Dollars per point

A lollipop chart

Formula One has become extremely expensive, with drivers earning tens of millions of dollars per year. But what’s the return of all this costs? One way to measure it is calculating how many dollars is worth one point, dividing the driver’s salary by the number of points he was able to score. In this chart, you can see salary and dollars per point (less is better) regarding 2015 Formula One lineup.

Additional explanations:

Only drivers that scored points are shown (that’s why Manor’s drivers are absent). McLaren’s poor performance is absolutely ruining the scale of dollars per point option, turning all the other values too small to compare. Thus, I created a third button, dollars per point (without McLaren), for better visualizing the data regarding the other drivers.

It’s always complicated to estimate a Formula One driver’s salary. First, it is private information. Besides that, there are bonuses for performance and sponsor’s money. Therefore, the salaries depicted here are just estimates.

Source of the data: