Australian energy by fuel type

A scatter plot

The following scatter plot was created using d3.js. I colected data regarding the amount of energy produced from five sources - coal, oil, uranium, gas and renewable sources - in Australia, from 1977 to 2013, in Petajoules (1015 Joules). You can choose any two of these sources to create the scatter plot, each axis showing the corresponding amount of energy. The circles are connected by their chronological sequence. So, this is a connected scatter plot.

Choose the energy sources on the menu below. The first source uses the x-axis, the second source uses the y-axis (initial values are Coal and Oil). Please realize that the scales are different. Hover over the circles to see more details.

Scatter plots give a good visual image of the relationship between two sets of data. As this is a paired time series, you'll have to follow the path to see how each source behaves. An excellent explanation can be found here

Source of the data: Department of Industry and Science